Sons of Anarchy Diversity Training

If you watched Sons of Anarchy you will see some simple ideas that most people really can not understand.   In security race, creed, gender, politics, boxers, briefs all mater when money is involved.   So watch Sons of Anarchy( I think it is free on Netflix right now.), and notice how they each group black, white, yellow, tan, etc killed each other but worked together in there best interest.   So don’t stop profiling because it is wrong to do in the rose color world.  IT Security doesn’t get to live in the rose colored world, you see the parts that people don’t want to see.

Here is a good example:

If Putin, Trump, and Jong-un walked into a bar_________!

I’ll give you the answer after you put your Name, Address, SSN, & Credit Card #(with CCV please) as a response.  I will collect them at the end of the day and you will win a free chance to experience identity theft.


Read Between the Stupid Lines

I use other industries as practice to hone my BS skills.  Bull SH@T skills is the ability to smell BS before it gets all over your shoes/face or wherever.

Common skills you should know.

  1.  Go to a place that you hilariously stereotype in your head as not a good source for specific news.  For Example I don’t usually link NPR with the NFL.  But here is an example of an article that made me sit up and read it.  NFL Relaxes End Zone blah blah blah…..
  2. Read the article and look for things that may stick out.  Like on this article it is relaxing old rules that used to be seen as good sportsmanship.   And ask yourself why?  And from all my ranting what are the 3 reasons anything is done:  Sex, Drugs, & Money.   So the NFL isn’t being seen as the beacon of sportsmanship anymore so they will become Jerry Springer clones and just cause troubles.
  3. Always predict something stupid so if it happens you look like a sage.   The cubs will win the world series next year at the beginning of each season.  Some were wrong over 100 times, but got it right once.  They must be smart.
  4. The news on the TV is the surface crap, and the real news isn’t what is said.  Look for the sub-news, because it is what they are trying to hide in plain site.

Bye Felicia

My NFL Poem — Kneel. Stand. Irritate.

Kneel. Stand. Irritate.

Football doesn’t hold my attention, but controversy does.

I will go on Facebook and prove my peers wrong for my master.

So now I pledge to Kneel for my master of the day.

So now I pledge to Stand for my master of the day.

So now I pledge to be Irritating for my master of the day.

I will say it is for the troops, I will say it isn’t for the troops.

I will say it is for freedom of speech, and I will say it isn’t  for freedom of  speech.

I will stand for nothing and everything as my master wishes.

Darn I’m good.  So good that I’m a poet and don’t even know it.  I use the charms of the inner cities and the ghetto farm lands to prove a point that justifies whatever I feel/don’t feel like doing?

So as an individual I will do something that is more fun than taking sides.  I shall profit from both sides.   I hope the rest of the world doesn’t mind me getting in on some of this sweet action.


With Love/Hate/Respect/Disrespect & a side salad:





Even All The MONEY Couldn’t Stop Hck3r

What do you get when the place with the most money, government, and media over site, gets a giant load of mud on their collective faces.

Wall Street Gets Hacked

It isn’t like they don’t have the money to protect themselves, they just don’t have the right mental idealism.   That is why we say Think Blackhat!  Don’t be a cop thinking like a robber.   As you can see, even with a high budget for security failures are possible.  The scary part is that it happen in 2016, soooo they could of had free range on that network for at least 6 months?





Equifax: The Sharpest Butter Knife in a Gun Fight

Favorite Lines:

  1.  Nothing Personal, It is only Business.
  2. A Sucker is born everyday.
  3. Your sacrifice is appreciated.

With their Butter-knife of destiny Equifax has become the new gold standard of IT Security Security.  Well at least the lack of it.

Let’s say you and two other friends started a business that had no real power, but everybody listened to when trying to figure out to give loans to people.  So when Jon Q. Public  goes to buy goods/services  on credit, the lender (Yu C. Sucker) checks with these 3 friends before he loans the money.   They take the advice from the friend they want to.  So a great score with me, might not be good enough.  Confusing and really an easy way control and call it equal and be bias as much as you want.

Off my high horse for a moment, and let’s talk about what made them super “Special” , and I don’t mean in the good way.  First off, every move has been performed with a legal team’s approval.  You can tell from there lack of securing the data and how they decided to distance themselves from the issue.   So they made this Equifax Breach site.

Go to google and type in ” how to spot a fake website”

This is like promoting the Amber Alert system in rusted out vans with Free Candy painted on the side with people wearing clown masks driving around neighborhoods.


So WTF do I do!

There are a few things I suggest.

  1.  Revolt – And stop using the system.  Hahaha…just kidding.
  2. Watch your credit and report for anything you don’t remember buying or trying to buy.   Hahaha…sorry forgot my audience.
  3. Do nothing and complain.  And HOPE your not the person that everybody uses as an example one day.  Don’t be the kid who really shot their eye out with a bb gun.


Silly Rabbit Security Is For the Other Guy

How much money does it take to infiltrate your company?  What would it take to get to your most valuable possessions?

Let me ask you a questions?  What do you think is valuable?  Ponder that thought.  What is value to you?  Gold?  Gems? Money? Data?  Why?

I asked this question to a room full of technical and non-technical people.   The words that both sides use that scares me is “I Guess This….”  or “Maybe This….”  Those words make me know your uncertain on true value, and it isn’t a tech or non-tech issue.  It is a people not understanding value.

So here is a test you can use to see what is valuable to you.  These tests are from the mind of someone that doesn’t care about you or your company.  It is only business, and with no security…Business IS GOOD.

*Tests & Explanations coming soon.

Awesome Test #1:

Scenario:  Your a steel mill worker who just wants to dance.  What do you do?  Answer:  Dance.     &  Don’t over complicate things.

  1.  First thing is look at what is on the internet about you.  Look at your  ledgers and see where your money is going and coming from.  Then google those names and words you just found.  — Find out what is already free.   (*Note:  Once it is on the internet it is out there &  there are a billion billion billion copies of it.  You might be able to bury it but that is for another time. )
  2. be continued